Behind the Scenes of Chrome Time 9

Since you’ve already seen all the great chrome from our project with Mr. Shmuel Valency, instead of re-capping all of those parts again I thought this time I’d give you guys a little behind-the-scenes trivia about the video shoot.

First off, all of our video scripts are generally written by Dennis beforehand. There is a little bit of improvisation and sometimes things are rewritten so they can be put into cleaner shots. All of these videos are shot, directed, edited, and produced by yours truly, Webmaster Lenae.

I came up with the title, “Witness the Birth of Beauty” because I always see horror movies using “Witness the Birth of Fear” even though it’s already been used by like 400 other movies and none of them are that much scarier than the others. BUT, I’ve never seen anyone refer to something as the “birth of beauty,” so I thought this was a neat title.

We shot this in the evening so you would be able to see the lights. Unfortunately, we don’t have “movie” lighting so the drawback is that it’s hard to see Dennis and Michael. The “chrome baby” line tripped them up a few times. I have some outtakes of them giggling (yes, they are prone to man-giggles) that I probably ought to cut together sometime.

You can also hear the lovely Arkansas bugs in the background. It took us awhile to figure out background noise in these videos. For example, in this one you’ll hear the air conditioning units. To us, that’s noise that’s always there so we tune it out. But later, when I was editing, it sounded HORRIBLE!

“What was your favorite part of this truck” was shot four or five times. We had a little trouble getting the blocking down and sometimes Dennis can’t remember his lines so good (getting old, ya know.)

Sour gummy candies of ANY KIND are a favorite snack of Michael and Lenae, both. If you ever need to get on our good sides, bring us sour gummy Lifesavers or worms. Sour Patch Kids are also acceptable. We will eat them until our tongues bleed.

All in all, this was a fun video to shoot. We came thisclose to running out of light completely, but I think it was worth it to show off the lights on this great truck.

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