Chrome Time 13 – Behind the Scenes!

Chrome Time 13, AKA “Trick My Wife,” was certainly an epic undertaking. It marinated inside Dennis’ brain for quite awhile before he was able to translate it to pen and paper, and then finally, with the help of his overworked but talented webmaster, brought it to small screens everywhere.

What’s even more fun than watching this episode is knowing what it was like to bring this project into the world, from conception to the unveiling online. It’s been one of our most popular videos to date. Hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes.

No one really understands how Dennis’ mind works. I’d ask, but truly, I’m a little scared to know! Instead, I’m going to guess that he got some kind of inspiration from chrome mudflap girls. We’ve sold chrome jewelry for awhile, but it just wasn’t drawing enough attention away from the truck and back to drivers’ wives.

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb: “When it doubt, add more chrome.” So, the next step was to order a custom-made chrome dress. Betty’s naturally a skinny gal, but this dress was tight enough to push her to a strict diet with no sugar or snacks. I think she went on some kind of candy binge after we wrapped.

The chicken lights were a surprise last minute addition. The components were laying on Dennis’ desk for awhile, but he didn’t reveal their completed form until the day of the shoot.

We shot this video after we closed on Halloween Day. When it was time to go outside, Betty was very nervous about people driving up and seeing her without knowing what she was in this getup for! Sure enough, one of our customers did come by, but he seemed pretty unfazed by it. Guess he just had chrome in his eyes.

Lastly, YES, that chrome suit is for real. It wasn’t planned to be a part of Dennis and Betty’s wedding, but it was what he wanted to wear and so he wore it. If you’ve spent any time talking to Dennis in our store it probably doesn’t surprise you. The suit is made of Corvette vinyl and it almost certainly doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe someday when Junior meets the right girl it will be passed down as a new tradition in this First Family of Chrome.

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