Dekotora – Japanese Super-Chrome!

Dekotora, a Japanese term for “decorated truck,” is a phenomenon I’d never heard of until a few weeks ago. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across these trucks online, but I was instantly amazed. Here in the US, we think adding chrome and a few hundred lights makes a truck unique. I’d say we’re still right, but the Japanese have got us beat! Don’t believe it? Here’s a photo of your average Dekotora truck. It looks like a Transformer that got stuck halfway through transforming!


Granted, the DOT would you-know-what a brick if any of us tried to add this much stuff to our trucks. I’d also love to know – do they not have weight limits there? Some of these trucks are completely hidden under all of the extra rigging, and that stuff has to add hundreds if not thousands of pounds! You might have seen a couple of these trucks in the Honda Civic “ninja” commercial.

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