Trucking News Convoy – October 9, 2011

This week our inbox runneth over with amazing and entertaining stories from all across the trucking industry. This weekend is the Truck Driver Social Media Convention just down the road in Tunica, MS. If any of you go, let us know how it went! It sounds like there will be plenty to learn.

  • We all know that not all truck drivers are a good example of the general population, but it sounds like Delphi, Indiana has been invaded by the world’s worst truckers.
  • This is an old post, but Todd McCann’s humor is tough to ignore. His take on turtle racing is full of laughs as well as good advice for making the best of an irritating situation.
  • Five truckstops in CA and one in TX are installing a new anti-idling system called “Shorepower.” No word on exactly how this system is different (better?) than IdleAir, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing something in the coming months.
  • Press a button for instant window tint? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s something Mercedes is working on right now. Living in the future is pretty awesome sometimes, eh?
  • This touching final blog from Bob “Cowpoke” Martin is a must read. Saying goodbye in the internet age is really something else, just like Bob. You, and your words, will be missed, Cowpoke!
  • Memphis’ 2nd Annual Trucking Expo is coming up on October 22nd at the Agricenter International. Free parking and admission for everyone!

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