Trucker Christmas Gifts 101- A Guide for Buying Perfect Chrome

This post is specifically for families at home wondering what kind of chrome they should get for their driver this holiday season. We get calls all of the time from wives, brothers, moms, and kids wanting to buy something awesome, but they don’t always know what or how to get the right fit. We’ve put together this guide to help with the process!

Set a Price Range
Even if you’re only working with $50, if done right, you can put together an amazing gift in the chrome shop. And if done poorly, $500 can lead to a gift that may not even fit the truck! But setting a budget is very important. Because prices differ so much between chrome shops and manufacturers, you need to have a dollar amount in mind.

Do Some Research
Most importantly, you need to have access to information about the truck – year, make and model, and in many cases, other details that you might not think to collect. If you’re uncertain or unable to get measurements or other information about the truck, find yourself a buddy! Someone who works with the driver, another family member, a mechanic who deals with the truck regularly, etc. Especially when you’re buying something expensive like pipes, a bumper, or a visor, one wrong measurement can be fatal to your gift.

measuring air cleaner cans to ensure proper fit
measuring chrome stacks to ensure proper fit

Ask Questions!
There’s nothing worse than getting excited about the amazing gift you’ve found for your loved one, only to have them frown and explain why it won’t fit their truck. I can’t speak for other chrome shops, but here at Empire Chrome we’re always happy to answer your questions about any of our products. We hate for our customers to end up with the wrong product as much as they do. If we don’t know, we’ll find someone who does for you.

asking an associate about air cleaner light brackets
asking about clamps for exhaust stacks

Buy the Stuff
This is probably the best part. Whether you buy it in-store or have us ship it directly to you, you’ll have the parts lightning-fast. Then, we suggest kicking back on the couch and giving yourself a congratulatory pat on the back for being such a smart shopper!

making a super awesome chrome purchase

Just think of us as your Christmas Chrome Concierges! No gift is too big or too small for us to help with.


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