Trucking News Convoy – December 11, 2011

In our penultimate Trucking News Convoy of the year, we’ve got just a few interesting items to share. We’ll take next week off, but we’ll be back on the 30th with 2 weeks worth of trucking news! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Holidays to all!

  • Buddy Wenners has a solution to the controversial decision to ban cell phones in trucks – let’s just ban truck driving! He brings up several great points, including the fact that truck drivers are not the only people using the phone while driving…
  • 11 trucking companies across the US and Canada have been chosen to participate in the Trucking Weight Loss Showdown. Driver health becomes more important every day, so these types of initiatives are great!
  • The debate about whether or not there is a driver shortage thickens this week, as Maverick Transportation has ordered 350 new Cascadias to be delivered in the first quarter of next year. Meanwhile, more than 100 drivers and other employees lost their jobs as Terminal Trucking, an almost 70-year-old company in NC closed. What do you all think – is the economy to blame or are some companies just being mismanaged?

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