Trucking News Convoy – Jan 15, 2012

We’ve got a big ole Convoy this week, with all sorts of cool stories from across the trucking industry. You may have noticed that we took last week off – sometimes you get super busy in this store and can’t spare a couple minutes to read. But that’s ok, we’re always happy to have customers in-store and on the phones. In any aspect of the trucking universe, we’ve found that busy is a good thing.

  • Truck driver and singer-songwriter Tony Justice will perform at the 2012 pre-Grammy Awards party next month. Congrats, Tony!
  • Great news for North Carolina – Freightliner is adding 1,100 jobs at a local plant with plans of doubling their production of Cascadia trucks. Many of the positions will be offered to workers who were previously laid off in 2009.
  • Pilot Flying J are providing a free diesel fuel additive to customers in northern or extremely cold areas of the country to help prevent winter weather breakdowns caused by freezing in fuel lines and filters. Every little bit helps when it comes to winter safety, folks! Take advantage of any opportunity to keep you and your rig rolling.
  • AAA has announced that they’re going to work to create state laws banning texting in 4-wheelers and improving teen driving safety in 2012. With all of the legislation coming into effect regarding how 18-wheelers are allowed to drive, it would be great to see some of the responsibility shouldered by other drivers, as well.
  • Nearly two dozen deaf truck drivers are fighting for their right to drive a truck. Sounds good to me – we have customers tell us all the time that they can’t see, with or without glasses! The article itself has some interesting data about the safety of deaf drivers vs. hearing drivers. Turns out deaf people generally drive just fine. Do you know any deaf drivers? What do you think?
  • I know, I know, I sound like a broken record. But you CANNOT be too careful both in and out of the truck during winter weather. Even if you’ve been driving on ice your entire life, you have to watch out for other people who aren’t as talented, as is evidenced by a 24-truck accident in Oregon this week. If the ten trucks in front of you all jackknife, it’s hard to maneuver yourself out of that pickle. Check road closures well ahead of time, take advantage of any spare time you have, and sometimes just say NO if you don’t feel comfortable or safe driving through snow or ice.

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