Trucking News Convoy – February 19, 2012

Another week down! We have some really cool news to share, plus I’ve got the scoop on a massive giveaway scheduled for MATS in March.

  • Overdrive’s Todd Dills spent his weekend checking out the restoration of Evel Knievel’s Mack cabover and trailer. They even cracked open an old safe that they found inside! I won’t spoil it, but they did post about what was in it.
  • The UK’s Channel 4 has a new show that’s all about female truck drivers! Sounds like there’s finally a show that really needs a US version, eh?
  • Happy 70th Anniversary, Freightliner! To celebrate, they’ve launched a special website, featuring a timeline of the evolution of Freightliner trucks.
  • The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has compiled a list of their top offenders, based on their 2011 toll fees and violations. The “Wall of Shame” is mostly companies, but a few individuals managed to make the list, as well. I don’t know if we should be appalled or impressed!

One last thing – Dennis has decided that Santa Chrome is coming early this year. If you find Dennis at the Mid-America Truck Show, he’s giving away some Top-Secret Prizes. Supplies are limited, so you want to find him first! He’ll be there all day Friday, and Saturday until around noon. Trust me – he’s giving away something awesome. He has sworn me to secrecy, though, so if you want to know what, you’ll have to track him down! Need a reminder of what he looks like? How about our classic Chrome Time videos? 🙂


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