All About Empire Chrome Shop – Lorine

Part 4 of our “All About Empire Chrome” series features Lorine, who’s best known around here for getting things done! One of our big points of pride around here is that our family members generally work very well together. Like her husband Gene and daughter Betty, Lorine also lists working with family as one of her favorite aspects of her job.

Although she grew up on a farm with many different types of trucks, it wasn’t until she married Gene that she started learning about the world of 18-wheelers. It’s safe to say she’s neck-deep in trucking nowadays!

As the first employee, Lorine has watched the store grow from just Dennis to a team of nearly a dozen people.


all about Lorine


Over the course of her tenure here, Lorine feels that her “people skills” have evolved. She also said that one of her goals is “to make sure the customer has a memorable experience.”

Although we’ve made many achievements since 2004, Lorine says her personal favorite has been seeing our website grow from scratch.

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