All About Empire Chrome Shop – Joseph

If you strike up a conversation with Joseph (aka Joe), the first thing you’ll notice is that he’s definitely a people person. He greets everyone with his signature southern drawl and a smile. At his previous job, working at a local video rental store, he encountered truck drivers from time to time, but not on the scale that we see here at Empire Chrome. Now, meeting so many drivers is one of his favorite aspects of the job. “We get so many regular customers in here, and you get to know them and help them out,” he says with a smile.

Joe may be one of the few employees who isn’t a relative, but since he started here a little more than a year ago, he’s settled right in. On any day that they aren’t working, you’ll find Joseph at the golf course with Michael and Richard – if he’s not out at his favorite fishing hole, that is!

Although he’s always been interested in working on cars both old and new, until he came to Empire Chrome, he’d never worked on a big truck and really didn’t have a lot of experience around them. “My granddad drove trucks in a convoy in World War II and used to tell us stories, and of course I’ve seen big trucks on the interstate,” he says.

In a relatively short amount of time, Joe has learned a lot about truck parts. He says that he really likes having the knowledge to handle projects on his own, like installing visors and other pieces. This is definitely one job where the learning never ends. We’re glad to have Joe on the team!


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