All About Empire Chrome Shop – Michael

If you keep up with our Chrome Time video series, this face should be quite familiar to you. Michael, AKA Junior, grew up in a family of truck drivers – his dad, Dennis, and grandfathers Keith and Gene. As a young man, he unloaded hundreds of trucks while working for a furniture company and also at Walmart. That experience comes in handy these days, since we have incoming freight to unload almost every day.

When he first started working at Empire Chrome in 2007, we had already built an inventory of over 5,000 different parts. So, it was a little overwhelming at first for Michael, who couldn’t believe he’d need to learn about all of them. But, helping customers and installing a lot of the products on the trucks really helped him to figure out the function of each piece.



According to Michael, one of the most unique qualities of our store is the availability of parts for trucks that other chrome shops tend to ignore. “I think the thing that really sets Empire Chrome Shop apart is the amount of stuff we have for all the trucks. We have stuff for Volvo – people don’t carry stuff for Volvo,” he says. “Anybody that comes in, we have something for them.”

You might be surprised, but Michael doesn’t list the evolution of his infamous Wolverine beard as a favorite moment! Instead, when he looks back on the history of Empire Chrome, he speaks about our expansion into international markets. Having been the mastermind behind the Kenworth W900 we sent to Israel in 2010, as well as a host of other shipments worldwide, Mikey is one of the most knowledgable team members when it comes to international sales. It’s not unusual for him to field phone calls and emails from Germany, Australia, Israel, and all across the US on the same day.


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