Trucking News Convoy – October 29, 2012

Of course, the most important concern for a large section of the country today is Sandy. Whether you call her a Hurricane, Frankenstorm, or any number of choice phrases we’d rather not publish, she is certainly impacting freight this week. Unfortunately, trucking is a massive industry with numerous concerns, and 99% of them don’t care about the weather. So here’s our weekly roundup of everything else that’s up in our world!

  • One of my favorite sources for industry news is Fleet Owner. Their coverage of truck manufacturing, sales, and government regulations affecting trucking is always interesting. This week, writer Sean Kilcarr asks, is a backlash headed for what many seem to consider the over-regulation of the industry?
  • Two Florida drivers are accused of stealing more than $30,000 in diesel from a West Virginia truck stop.
  • In many areas of the country, deer are a year-round concern. But they’re especially prevalent in the winter months, so be on the lookout for Bambi! As much as we love to sell new bumpers, we prefer doing so because the owner wants a new bumper, not because he or she doesn’t want to drive around with antler holes in the truck.
  • I miss reading Life on the Road’s old, daily posts, but they still post something nice every now and then, like this photo feature of images from the road. When you’re stuck in this building all day, it’s nice to take a break and check out the shots our customers and friends post to Instagram (we’re @empirechrome) or Twitter (we’re @chrome_shop).

That’s all for now, folks. As always, be safe out there, and don’t drive an ugly truck!

Trucking News Convoy – October 7, 2012

It’s been a whole month since we last did a news convoy, where we feature some of the most eye-catching recent headlines in the trucking industry. Here are the stories that surprised us this time around.

Trucking News Convoy – September 1, 2012

One of the sad truths of trucking is that most missing drivers are not found, or found deceased. Luckily, this was not the case for missing driver Linda Richards this week. One of the driving forces behind getting the word out about the missing woman was the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network. It’s great to see so many drivers and families of drivers supporting one another!

In a move that is sure to elicit groans and cheers, the FMCSA announced recently that they will be making changes to CSA this December. What do you think about the proposed changes? Will they cause more headaches and harrassment, or has the FMCSA listened to professional drivers?

Another story that brought a smile to my face this week was this one about free CDL training for veterans.

I think it’s appropriate to do a little horn-tooting this week. You’ve probably heard about our new truck polish, JING! In fact, you may be sick of hearing about it. But we are terribly proud of it and we’re still excited to finally share it with our customers. We’ve gotten some feedback, which is what we wanted. Since it’s our formula, we can change it to better suit what you all want out of it.

The biggest problem we’ve run into is that some types of rags do not play well with JING! – they just soak up all the polish instead of rubbing it onto the metal. To help combat this problem, we are now stocking terry cloth rags, which work great with JING!

Granny Lorine's terry cloth polishing rags

Granny Lorine’s Extra-Special Truck Polishing Rags
– $2/bundle

Want to see these extra-special rags in action? Glad you asked! We have a demo video for JING! that shows how to use it both by hand and with an electric buffer.

That’s it for this week, we’ll see y’all next time!

Trucking News Convoy – August 19, 2012

It’s a busy Friday here at Empire Chrome – restocking shelves, working on trucks, and trying to squeeze in some filming for our latest Chrome Time video. But we’re still taking the time to spotlight some of the highlights from this week in trucking!

If you happen to be curious about what life on the road is like for other drivers, James Riddick shares every detail of his day via Facebook updates, images, and video. He’s a busy guy – delivering loads and cycling through what seems like a new trainee every week (it’s actually a 28-day program, but some folks can’t handle it)!

The Second Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention is set for October 27-28 in Kansas City, MO. Last year’s event in Tunica, MS had quite the turnout. Are you planning to attend this year?

This week, I watched diesel prices in the neighborhood make the jump from >$3 to >$4/gallon. This is in line with the national average, which was a full $.21 cheaper this week last year. We all know that rising gas prices are inevitable, but every time it passes another dollar, you can’t help but cringe.

Every now and then, our customers are nice enough to share with us some images of how they’ve used our products. This week, Kevin dropped us a line on Facebook to show off his Toyota Tundra. Click the image below to see Project Silver Streak’s Facebook page and more photos of the project.

Toyota Tundra fender flare spikes on Project Silver Streak

To create this unique look, Kevin bought some of our small spike bolt covers, sanded them down to the plastic, and spray painted them black. From what we hear, this is a pretty popular trend with Tundra owners, so we’d love to see some more photos!

Trucking News Convoy – August 11, 2012

This has been an interesting summer for us here at Empire Chrome. It’s been super hot, for one! We’ve been quite busy, especially in the shipping and receiving departments. But, we’re getting used to the increased workload, and our web team has even managed to wrap up a couple projects. So, it’s time to revive our weekly Trucking News Convoy! Here are some of the most interesting trucking tales we ran across this week.

We all have a tendency to think of teenagers and young adults as the most dangerous fools out on the road. But, there are always exceptions. Bridgestone recently sponsored a contest encouraging young people to create an anti-distracted driving PSA. My favorite is this one:

And this week in odd news, sometimes we humans get creative with our problem solving. A Fontana, CA police officer fired a shot into a truck driver’s windshield in an attempt to change his course. The whole story sounds like quite an event, and a waste of the driver’s time – the guy got caught anyway. Kind of hard to outrun the cops in an 18-wheeler!

Shifting the focus back to our favorite topic, chrome, we recently launched our own line of truck polish, JING!, and we have been working on the label this past week. We received a proof from the printer, and we’re really excited to get the final product in so the bottles don’t have to look so naked and sad anymore!
JING superior truck polish on Instagram

Until next time, don’t drive an ugly truck!

Trucking News Convoy – Week of April 8, 2012

As always, we’ve compiled some of the most important and most unusual trucking stories of the week for your reading pleasure!

Trucking News Convoy – Week of April 1, 2012

  • Another trucking company was shut down this past week for FMCSA violations. Reliable Transportation, a Utah-based company, was served up a cavalcade of safety violations, including a lack of maintenance or duty records.
  • The 2nd Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention has been set for October 27th and 28th in North Kansas City, MO. Register quickly – the first 100 to sign up will get free access to the Friday night welcome party!
  • Speaking of FMCSA, they have recently warned that some motor carriers have received fraudulent letters indicating that they are under investigation by the USDOT. The scheme is aimed at getting financial information out of trucking companies.
  • This week’s tornado activity in the Dallas, TX area hit a Schneider National facility particularly hard. If you turned on the TV at all, you probably saw images of their iconic orange trailers tossed about, torn open like sardine cans. Luckily, no employees were harmed.

Trucking News Convoy – March 25, 2012

Last week was unbelievably hectic for us. We’re generally shorthanded as it is, and having Betty and Dennis leave us for the Truck Show in Louisville made it worse! But, they sent back plenty of dispatches, so we weren’t completely left out of the fun.


International ProStar at MATS 2012


Trucking News Convoy – Week of March 4, 2012

Another busy week, another convoy! Did you miss these stories this week?

  • This year’s Shell Rotella Super Rigs contest has been set for May 17-19. They’re set to give away more than $25,000 in prizes!
  • Spring weather has arrived in many parts of the country, which means tornadoes are going to be an issue for truck drivers for the coming months. Lindsay Godfree shared her tornado survival and watch tips.
  • Todd took a trip to “Carhenge” recently and was nice enough to share some video that he shot!
  • South Dakota has launched a new road closing alert system that will let drivers know instantly when a road has been closed.

Trucking News Convoy – February 26, 2012

Updates and dispatches from the trucking industry from the week of February 26, 2012.

  • I found out last week that our longtime customer Phil Madsen is now blogging for himself, as well as for Overdrive Online! His blog is always a fun read, with stories from his personal life as well as tales from the road. Congrats, Phil!
  • Travis Burns lends his insight and experience this week to the topic of lease purchases gone bad.